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The problem with sock caps for many bald men is that a day or two of growth between shaves can make your scalp work like Velcro. A standard, unlined woolen sock cap can leave unattractive lint balls behind, leaving you with a less than hip appearance when you remove your hat, not to mention the effect on the hat. The BaldStyle Crew cap is the best sock cap you will find. Completely lined, with a tight fit, you'll look great with it on and still clean and lint free when you take it off. The fold is adjustable and can be lowered to keep your ears warm when necessary or raised to look just as great above the ears. Order in your size, but for a perfect fit, use the hidden adjustable drawstring as desired. The Crew is available in Chocolate Brown only.


Hat Size Chart

Head Circumference in inches

21 1/8

21 1/2

21 7/8

22 1/4

22 5/8


23 1/2

23 7/8

24 3/8

24 7/8

Hat Size

6 3/4

6 7/8


7 1/7

7 1/4

7 3/8

7 1/2

7 5/8

7 3/4

7 7/8

Size to Order







For your convenience, we’ve listed both head circumference and hat sizes. If you know your hat size or your head circumference, simply order the corresponding size – Small, Medium, Large, X Large, or XX Large. If you don’t know your hat size or head circumference, measure the circumference of your head with a soft tape measure (the kind used for sewing), or use a string and hold it against a ruler or construction tape measure after using the string to measure your head circumference. Do not try to wrap a construction tape measure around your head. Metal tape measures can cut you, and will not give you an accurate measurement when you bend them.

As and example, if you measure your head and the circumference falls between 21 7/8” and 22 ¼”, you would order Medium.

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