At BALDSTYLE, we believe head shaving should be a pleasure for men who want to maintain a smooth, clean, irritation-free bald head. Until now, very few products have been developed to meet the needs of head shavers. Regular shaving products are not necessarily designed for the challenges that head shaving may present, and some products out there contain less than optimal ingredients, which often can irritate skin more than soothe. The BALDSTYLE system helps head shavers to prepare their scalp, shave and replenish the skin with ease and comfort. The result is a blemish-free, healthy looking bald head. The BALDSTYLE head shaving products contain natural, high quality ingredients, and the right ingredients can make a big difference in the results of your head shaving efforts.

BALDSTYLE founder, David Klein, understands the pride that bald men take in their clean shaved heads, but also understands the challenges of maintaining a healthy-looking scalp. David originally developed the BALDSTYLE system of products not to market or make available to the public, but for himself to meet his own head shaving needs.  He quickly realized, however, that other bald men shared his need for quality products that would allow them to get a smooth, clean shave without irritation.  As most bald men can attest, head shavers belong to a club – a bald fraternity, so to speak - and discussions of head shaving practices among bald men are not uncommon. After David began using his products, David’s bald comrades asked him about his head shaving methods, and, upon learning of his custom products, requested samples to try for themselves. Each reported a marked difference in their results, and suddenly BALDSTYLE was born.

With the success of the BALDSTYLE head shaving products, we will continue to grow our line to offer head shavers high quality products for all their head shaving and bald grooming needs. Additionally, we’ve begun a line of accessories for bald men with our handmade hats. As any bald man can tell you, a good hat is necessary in sun and snow, to avoid sun damage and keep your exposed head warm.

The bald shaved head is becoming an ever more popular style choice for men worldwide, and this style requires grooming products that make it easily achievable. We believe if you try the BALDSTYLE system of head shaving products, you won’t want to use anything else. Check back often for new head shaving and bald grooming products, and become a member, so we can alert you to special offers and new items.

Stay bald and bold...